Water Fed Pole Systems

White Pine Window Cleaning is pleased to bring you the Tucker® Pole Pure Water System for exterior window cleaning. This industry-leading technology delivers exceptionally clean, streak-free windows using an innovative process that is perfectly safe, environmentally-friendly and very cost-effective for homeowners.

Our Process: The Tucker® System starts by resolving the #1 customer concern: the risk of ladders and scaffolding. With our 40″ foot telescopic Tucker® Poles, we are able to easily reach your high windows without ever having to leave the ground. This means less disturbance to your lawn and flower beds and greater privacy for your family while we work. With the risk factor out of the way, we turn to customers’ 2nd biggest concern: streaks and spots. Regular tap water contains varying levels of mineral salts known as Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) that leave a fine, white film on glass which attracts dust particles. The Culligan De-Ionization Tank solves this problem by removing the streak & spot-forming ions from your outdoor tap water, creating water that is 99.99% pure. When applied to your windows, this Pure Water will automatically absorb and wash away the dirt…and when it dries, your windows will be perfectly clean!

There is nothing better than fresh, sparkling, clean windows to brighten up your Park City and Deer Valley views and the look of your home…all without the risk of injury to us, your family and property. Call White Pine Window cleaning today or fill out a free estimate form to schedule a free bid.

How Often Should I Clean My Windows?

One of the main reasons people buy property in Park City and Deer Valley are the views. With these views being the focal point of many houses, why not keep them looking great all year.?

There are many different options homeowners have when scheduling to have their windows cleaned. The most common that I have found in my years of cleaning windows in Park City is to have a full clean done in the spring with both the interior and exterior windows getting cleaned.  In the middle of the summer getting the exterior windows cleaned again. Then another full clean in the fall getting ready for the holidays and winter.

Another option that is common is to get a full clean on interior and exterior in the spring and another full clean in the fall. So two full cleans a year.

With Park City and Deer Valley having quite a few part time residents, a lot of times just scheduling a clean right before you fly into town is a better option to assure you have beautiful views for when you are here.

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